Folies Corfu Energy Saving Policy

  • Energy saving: At Folies Hotel Apartments, we recognize the impact of our business on the environment and are committed to conducting the hotel in a way that ensures environmental sustainability.
  • Lighting: 1. Activation of electricity inside the rooms only through the room key card.
    2. Economy light bulbs.
    3. Use of timers for the operation of lighting within outdoor pool and garden.
  • Air-conditioning: 1. System disruption of air conditioning in the room when balcony opens.
    2. Inverter airconditioning systems
  • Hot water: 1. Operation of solar panels for producing hot water through solar energy. This way the use of burner is minimized.
  • Water saving: 1. Filter installation to fit all taps and showers in order to increase the pressure of running water and simultaneously reduce the quantity needed.
    2. Controlled flusher flow in the toilets so as to use as much water as really needed.
    3. Watering the garden of the hotel with no potable water coming from drilling.
    4. Automatic garden irrigation systems.
  • Recycling: 1. Paper used in all toilets comes from recycled paper.
  • Towel and Linen Policy: 1. Our policy is to ensure that guests have a comfortable stay. Therefore sheets will be changed on every second day for a long stay guest and towels will be changed on turn down (where necessary) and when the room is cleaned. Guests are asked to place all towels to be changed into the bath.
  • In the office: 1. Recycling paper, newspapers, glass, batteries, fluorescent and long life bulbs, cans and cartridges.
    2. Operating a ‘switch off’ policy for office staff to turn off computer equipment and printers when not in use.
    3. Reducing our usage of paper by printing double sided. Use electronic mail where possible to reduce the use of paper.
  • For the guests: 1. Encouraging our guests to explore the local attractions by public transport, bicycle or on foot by providing information on walks, cycle routes and cycle hire information and bus timetables at Reception.
  • Cleaning: 1. Reducing our usage of harmful cleaning chemicals and replacing these with eco-friendly products wherever possible.
    2. Buy in bulk.
    3. Wash laundry in cold water as much as possible.
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